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    Product Description

    • This music sync flashing phone case has a ringtone, and when the music is played, it can shine brightly with the rhythm of the music, and it is bright and colorful.
    • LED lights flash with the rhythm of music. At the same time, incoming calls and messages can also activate the light. The light source of the colorful light changes altermately with the rhythm of music, especially at night, which is very mysterious and cool.


    How can the phone case shine/flash light?

    Built-in intelligent voice-activated sensor chip, when you are calling or playing music, the light will flash automatically. The faster the rhythm or voice, the faster the flash will be. 

    Does the flash led case cost a lot phone power?

    Adopting intelligent led light, the power supply is DC voltage, the voltage is low, so the electric power consumption is very small, the physical light is used, the light intensity is also very uniform, and the power consumption of the mobile phone is hardly affected.

    How long will it take the light to flash, will it be easy to break?

    As long as the phone screen light up or sounds up, it can be remain illuminated after installation, the product quality is guaranteed.